Hanset works with a wide spectrum of metals.  Our materials expertise includes stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, mild steel, as well as exotic metals such as zinc and titanium.

We serve the construction industry with ornamental handrails, column covers and other decorative metal work and we also provide products to the food service, high tech, marine and food processing industries.

Our staff has extensive technical expertise to assist in the design, engineering and costing of products for the built environment.  With a company-wide focus on service, all aspects of projects are handled with care.

Our in-house
capabilities include:

o AutoCAD drafting and digital layout
o State of the art robotic laser cutting, up to thick for stainless steel and up to 1 thick for carbon steel
o CNC routing for aluminum, brass, copper, wood and plastic
o CNC machining center that allows us to build our own components
o Mandrel tube bending for precise, efficient bends for handrails
o Precision press with a 14 bed
o Overall press capabilities up to 16

Stainless Steel  o  Aluminum  o  Copper  o  Brass  o  Bronze  o  Mild Steel