Custom Architectural Metalwork

Architectural metalwork refers to the highly specialized discipline of combining metalwork with architectural structures. While sometimes used to simply provide or enhance an aesthetic, it is now very common for architects to utilize the skills and expertise of metal fabricators—such as Hanset— when they need to construct complex and functional buildings. 

Hanset works with architects, general contractors and owners to realize architectural metalwork designs for museums, performance centers, office high-rises, hospitals, airports, and residences. ​ Our work has included the construction and installation of metal wall and ceiling panelsstaircases and railings, canopies, elevator cabs, artwork and more.

A Trusted Name in Architectural Metalwork
Hanset sits at the forefront of custom architectural metal fabrication and installation. Our in-depth planning process, high-quality metal fabrication work and timely completion of even the most complex architectural metal projects make us a favored partner of architects across the country. A firm commitment to meet all design specifications, stay within budget and complete every project on time without cutting corners means that no matter your next architectural metal project, you can trust Hanset Metal Fabricators to deliver.