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For over 30 years,

Hanset has been at the forefront of custom metal fabrication for architecture, commercial and residential markets. Whether it is a new airport concourse, the lobby of a grand new high rise, a modern commercial kitchen or a dream house pictured in a magazine, you will find Hanset’s high quality metal work.

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Hanset custom metal work can be found in some of the largest architectural projects along the west coast. We have worked with architects and contractors to realize designs for museums, performance centers, office high-rises, hospitals and more.

    • Hand rails and stairs
    • Column coverings
    • Grills and vents

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Our commercial metal work focuses on helping our customers get their job done. Hanset has helped develop purpose-built products across many industries, including:

      • Production facilities
      • Commercial kitchens
      • Food processing
      • Marine

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Custom countertops, sinks, backsplashes, hoods and other decorative work by Hanset can be found in some of the west coast’s finest homes. We’re happy to work with you to get the look and performance you’re hoping for. Take a look at our Hanset Residential FAQ Guide to help get you started. We’re happy to answer question and help you plan a design for you.

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